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The Harlem


1. While THC - The Harlem Club strives to maintain it’s average time-to-ship we make no guarantees and will accept no liability nor honor any claim towards ruminative action stemming from a longer than average time-to-ship. (Time-to-ship refers to the time period between the order placement and the handing of the product over to the carrier for transport.)

2. The average shipping time from the moment the product is handed over to the carrier:

1-3 working days for The Netherlands
2-7 working days for other EU countries
5-10 working days for the United States
5-10 working days for Canada
5-10 working days for Australia. 
5-14 working days for rest of the world

3. All build and ship times are counted in business days only and correspond with those of USPS our preferred carrier. THC - The Harlem Club honors all holidays honored by our preferred carrier and follows a M-F work week.


4. THC - The Harlem Club will ship to any physical address in the world. We will not ship to P.O. Boxes and we will not ship to places which are not supported by our transport carrier. 

5. Each package requires signature confirmation therefore timely delivery requires that the customer make themselves available for its reception.

6. Every item shipped from THC - The Harlem Club is ensured up to the full purchase price, above the minimum 200.00 euro. It is THC - The Harlem Club's responsibility to pursue any claim with the carrier. Please note that this is only applicable to the original shipment from THC - The Harlem CLub to the customer and not for subsequent shipments for returns or repair.

7. THC - The Harlem Club’s preferred carrier is FeDEx and all shipping will be competed through them unless otherwise specified. THC -The Harlem Club shipping prices may vary with those of their carrier. THC - The Harlem Club guarantees that the shipping cost will be accurately displayed for each purchase at the time of purchase from

8. Every shipped item is securely packed and contains a commercial invoice (yellow form). In case of damage on arrival the customer is obliged to make a notification to THC - The Harlem Club within 3 days after the delivery. The original package and forms have to preserved as wellin case of damage, in accordance with insurance regulations. THC - The Harlem Club has the right to start an investigation in case of damage on delivery, missing or stolen shipments.

9. THC - The Harlem Club cannot be held accountable nor responsible for additional costs such as custom fees or tax charges outside the area of the European Union.


Last update 22-11-2020. Copyright by THC - The Harlem Club 

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